Monday, 29 August 2011


Sunfly Karaoke "4 Play Hits" that is.

The brand new Australian exclusive Sunfly Karaoke label created by the team that serves you at Karaoke Home Entertainment.

We have already posted over 30 forthcoming titles and there will be plenty more coming.  This label will not only show case new and upcoming artists with there very latest songs, but will dive back in the vast Sunfly song catalogue and archives and pull together some of the greatest artists and groups which have 4 or 5 hit songs to their names in this new mini album format.

and yes just like with the "Sunfly Six Of The Best Series" were we offer a + one bonus track the new "4 Play Hits Series" will also.

But will be doing more than just that, we will also be putting together new songs just for this exciting new series offering songs which simply have been left behind and bring them back into karaoke spotlight!

The best part is the price of course at just $10.99 available October 2011 at a KHE store in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

On-line pre-orders are being taken now across all formats; CD+G, DVD and MP3+G so everyone can enjoy a little four play!

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