Saturday, 9 June 2012

Patty's Damaged Custom Disc

Patty a regular came into the store today to get another custom disc made up, she loves to sing the songs of yesteryear which just isn't available when she visits the many different venues around town.

So Pick N Mix is perfect for her, she gets the songs she knows and loves, many which people have never heard before, so she stands out on the night.

We see her generally once a month with her list of golden oldies and she has been very lucky of late too as some songs that she has previously asked about which weren't available suddenly are now, much to her delight.

See we add well over 500 new songs a month to the Pick N Mix website, but when we say new it doesn't just mean the very latest radio hits, it also includes a vast back catalogue of songs. So don't despair if you don't find what your looking for today it might soon be available in a future update so check back frequently.

You will also notice we have song counter listed on the site Choose From 33,270 Songs! this updates daily as new songs are added and you can also request songs here on our blog or via our face book page.

Currently we have six new songs in production for a popular Canadian artist Johnny Reid never before released coming on SBI All Stars Karaoke CD+G with hundreds of discs already pre-sold, this all started from your requests, so keep them coming.

Now back to Patty, see today was a little different because she showed me a damage disc, someone had sat on one of her favourite discs at the local pub and now it was worthless and she was about to order a replacement.

No need Patty, I said we can remake it for you for just $10 not full price of $50 because we can do that for you or anyone providing we get the original disc back. For the small service fee we will happily replace any damaged, scratched disc at store level or via the post.

I thought I would mention this because it dawned on me that maybe others had the same issue and were unaware we had this replacement policy.

Need more information on Pick N Mix call 1300 550 630 or visit a KHE store today!