Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Next Generation Sonken MP2000 Pro Karaoke Machine

Our best ever professional karaoke machine has arrived, the Sonken MP-2000 at Karaoke Home Entertainment...

It plays all the pro karaoke formats like; CD+G, DVD,VCD, MP3+G, AVI and audio formats like CD and MP3.

It features multiple video outputs including HDMI, VGA, Component, RCA, S-VHS.

You can store 5000 songs in MP3+G format and run either a 32GB USB Memory stick/SD Card or 1TB Hard Drive (must have own power supply).

You can even generate your very own song catalogue with one touch of the remote control. Then you can print out the text file which gives each song a unique access number, so all you have to do is enter that number to play the songs, that makes it super fast to access your songs.

You can even record your karaoke performances when playing either a karaoke CD+G or MP3+g song in real time back to the USB or SD Card, complete with music, your vocals and on-screen lyrics.

Amazing feature ands great package deals are available from Karaoke Home Entertainment Melbourne and Perth stores.

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