Sunday, 6 May 2012

Australia's "The Voice" The Hit TV Show - Sing The Hits From The Hosts!

Australia's own Delta Goodrem currently "Sitting On Top Of The World" with a new hit reality TV show she co-hosts with Keith Urban, Seal and Joel from "Good Charlotte" on Channel 9's "The Voice".

Her latest song "Sitting On Top Of The World" has just been commissioned by Sunfly Karaoke and will appear on Volume 69 of Sunfly Karaoke Kool where all the very best radio songs get released.

Delta is a real favourite on Karaoke and has her very own dedicated album on Sunfly Australian Classic Artists "Delta Goodrem".


   A Little Too Late
  Almost Here
  Born To Try
  Innocent Eyes
  Lost Without You
  Mistaken Identity
  Not Me Not I
  Out Of The Blue
  Together We Are One
  Born To Try (Dance Remix)

"The Voice" has helped sky rocket Seal's smash hit song "Kiss From A Rose" back in the Aria charts in Australia. Can you believe it was was first released as a single way back in July 1994 and was used in the blockbuster movie Batman Forever which featured Australia's Nicole Kidman now married to who other than Keith Urban. 

Kiss From A Rose will feature on Sunfly Karaoke Kool Volume 69 due to the demand for this super ballad once more.

For true fans of Seal we have an album on Karaoke of all his popular songs click here to view it.

He's was born in New Zealand but started his country music career in Australia at a very early age and is best known in the United States for his special blend of country music. Keith Urban is also much loved on Karaoke and a host of his songs are available today.

Sunfly Karaoke World Stars features 15 classic Urban tracks.

You'll Think Of Me
You Look Good In My Shirt
Making Memories Of Us
Better Life  

Days Go By
Kiss A Girl
Romeo's Tune 
Got It Right This Time (The Celebration)
Til Summer Comes Around
Sweet Thing
Only You Can Love Me This Way
You're My Better Half
Once In A Lifetime
But For The Grace Of God

Coming soon we have a follow up disc featuring 11 additional Keith Urban tracks, plus a Multiplex Disc which enables you to switch on/off the lead vocals so you can learn the song then switch them off an do your best impersonation of Keith.

Good Charolette fans don't despair we have you well covered with several discs from the band karaoke has never had it so good check them out now.

All these songs and discs are available on CD+G, DVD and MP3+G download, or you can get just the songs you love on a custom karaoke disc.

A custom disc lets you choose the songs that make up your hit disc so you get just the songs you like, this service is called and is provided by either at store level in Melbourne and Perth or by calling 1300 550 630 or do it all online.

All content is 100% licensed by Apra/Amcos in Australia and yes you can take these discs to any karaoke show/venue as thousands of our customer do every week so you can sing the songs you want to sing not just what they have on offer!

You can also digital download songs from our web site instantly.

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