Thursday, 2 February 2012

Creating a Karaoke System from scratch and Song Packages!

There are so many ways to create yourself a home or commerical karaoke system. The key components to any system is the music of course.

There has never been so much choice either with songs available as far back as the 1920's right through to today's very radio hits. For Australians and New Zealanders we also have all the popular home grown hits new and old.

Today we have over 70,000 songs to choose from and the range is growing each month.

So first you need to choose which Karaoke Machine aka Player is for you, if it's for home and for the kids I would recommend the Sonken MP600 system it is the little brother to the Sonken MP1000 machine.

So what's the difference between them apart from the two obvious things it's physical size and the price?

Well 99% of the MP600's features are controlled only via the remote control, that's why I wouldn't recommend it for a Karaoke Host for example running a show as they are always changing songs and making adjustments for different singers and this could be a hindrance.

The MP1000 has a remote control but all the important features or user controls are located on the front panel and the unit can be rack mounted to also popular with Karaoke Hosts or DJ's making professional user much more user friendly.

Another difference is that the MP1000 has both a USB Port and SD Card Slot where as the MP600 just has the USB Port, another difference is the capacity of what the USB or SD can playback or record to, which is maximum 8GB on the MP600 which is around 1600 songs or 32GB on a series 2 MP1000 which is around 6400 songs.
Using the USB or SD card will enable you to run your karaoke songs off the on-screen menu and eliminate the need to continually swap discs and it keeps your discs safe, just in case something happens to your digital media you can restore it from your cd's.

Yes both machines can run CD+G songs which are converted into MP3+G format and can be played off the USB or SD Card, you can also record your singing performance on both machines which will record the music and your voice so you can share your performances. Your vocal recordings are recorded as MP3 files and saved straight back to your USB or SD Card even if playing a song off the same USB or SD Card.

The last difference between the players is the MP1000 has full DVD playback features for watching movies etc, complete with 5.1 audio outputs (RCA) and Digital Audio Out (Optical + Co-axial), the MP600 has basic DVD playback only so if you want a dual purpose DVD/Karaoke player to watch movies then you are best to purchase the MP1000.

Both Machines can play CD+G, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 and MP4 and the very latest format MP3+G karaoke and both have two microphone inputs, though the MP1000 has individual microphone volume controls were as the MP600 has a shared volume control.
These are the differences between the MP600 and MP1000 Karaoke Machines.

Now both will connect to either a LCD/Plasma TV, video projector or tube television with either yellow RCA or Component connections, with a little RCA splitter plug we sell you can run two screens.

The sound can either be played through your TV or for improved sound I would suggest home stereo system which will sound better again. If you use a home theatre system which is 5.1 or greater you will be best to change the settings to 2.0 channel stereo, ideally a stereo amplifier and speaker system will give the best sounding results which is designed for singing and loud music.

There are other options like a All-In-One Karaoke System like the DJ Buster, which is essentially a MP1000 machine, but has a Amplifier and Speaker system in mobile package. Ideal to move from room to room just add a TV screen for on-screen lyrics and your done. This system has been very popular for many different types of uses from home, schools, nursing homes, function rooms and it goes on.

If your thinking of running your Karaoke from your PC or Notebook PC then we have several solution from PCDJ all which let you run your shows from the comfort of your computer.

The PCDJ software runs MP3+G Karaoke Songs and is easy to use and best of is free, yes free to try before you buy. This way you can see if the program is for you before you decide to go down this road.

So all whats left is microphones either wired or wireless ones and we have once again several different options to cater for everyone, from kids to professional singers.

Once you have chosen your machine or software package its time to start building a library of songs, this will be different for everyone, depended on who will be enjoying the machine. If you are host or venue you will be looking to build a diverse library to cover a broad range of artists and musical tastes.

We call that building a song foundation, these are best made with three objectives in mind...
  1. Budget - This will vary for everyone, once you know your budget discuss this with a KHE staff member so we can point you in the right direction. It's important to remember no matter where you start you can always add on later and grow your song library at pace you are comfortable with.

  2. Music Taste - This is very important, you must know your client or target audience, if you choose songs that you only like you will most likely fail to impress your clients. That's why building a foundation library is such a good option because you get a broad or target library of songs to cater for as wide an audience as possible. I call it something for everyone and its like an insurance policy covering all music taste bases.
  3. Delivery - Now I'm not talking about a box rolling up to your door, I mean how the music content is delivered for easy of use, and the best way is for the content to be loaded on to a USB memory stick in MP3+G format.
We have many song package deals available and many of them can be provided additionally on MP3+G memory stick, which saves you a lot of time converting from CD+G to MP3+G the players can convert but do it in real time so a 60 minute disc will take 60 minutes to convert from CD+G to MP3+G.

We also have free software on for your PC which will do a CD+G to MP3+G conversion of a full disc in approximate 3 minutes, much better and faster but still time consuming if you have just purchased a lot of CD+G discs.

So with this in mind we are making more and more packages which include all the conversion work done for you so you can just start the day you get your machine.

You still get all the original discs just in case your digital media fails or gets lost so you can always restore from the discs, the discs also keep you street legal and act as your proof of purchase because the last thing you need is a visit from the Music Industry Piracy Investigators ( the people who police and prosecute copyright infringements.

We have just made up some new foundation package deals which feature either a MP1000, PCDJ Karaoki Software or DJ Buster and 5368 songs.

With deals starting at .30cents a song thats simply amazing value for money.

We even have systems for the Kids with the new Karaoke Boom Box great for there bed room and complete with 9" LCD Screen and it plays movies from DVD too! There is even a gaming console element to this unit, great fun for the kids.

Talk to the team a Karaoke Home Entertainment and let us help you build your system for home or commerical use.