Monday, 20 February 2012

SBI Karaoke All Stars Range


Story update 2/4/2014 over 800 titles now available on the SBI Karaoke All Stars Series, all titles are also available for world wide download via

Original story posted 20/02/2012.

Karaoke Home Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of a brand new and world exclusive range called "SBI ALL STARS - Karaoke Series".

Produced in Australia by KHE Direct from the vast and growing libaries of SBI Karaoke, this new range will greatly expand the available content of artists and groups on the CD+G disc format in Australia.

The All Star Karaoke Series brings together for the first time full artist albums from SBI Karaoke, which until now there songs have only been available to purchases as custom tracks from the Pick N Mix website.

Some of our first releases will be Alan Jackson Volumes 1 + 2, Chris Isaak, Seal, Kellie Pickler, Bob Dylan, Michael Learns To Rock, Simple Plan, Fats Domino, Chris De Burgh Volumes 1 + 2, Vince Gill, Clay Walker, Kenny Chesney Volumes 1, 2 and 3, Alabama Volumes 1 + 2, Righteous Brothers, Waylon Jennings Volumes 1 + 2, Tracy Byrd, Lee Ann Womack, Bobby Brown and many many others.

We already have over 60 discs scheduled as coming soon! (Click To View)

All these new titles will become available first as full album downloads in MP3+G format and from March they will commence being released in CD+G format. We will also have them available in DVD and MP3+G disc formats if that is your preference.

 Chris Isaak - SBI All Stars is already available to download from today with more following every day as we commence opening up this new SBI All Star range.

What discs from the libraries of SBI Karaoke would you like to see made available? Post your requests on for consideration by the KHE team.