Sunday, 26 March 2017

Amazing Karaoke Amplifier and Speaker Packages

If you're looking for a Professional Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with matching pair of Music/Karaoke Speakers then check out our amazing package deals from Sonken Karaoke Australia.

Ideal for home or a function / club / entertainment room.

We stock the entire range and have exclusive models and offers not available anywhere.

Karaoke Home Entertainment and Sonken have been business partners now for over 20 years, if it's Sonken Audio/Video Karaoke KHE has it.

Check out our Exclusive Home Sound Studio Deals which include everything from the Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Speaker Cable, Speaker Stands, Sub Woofer and UHF Professional Wireless Microphones.

Perfect for parties when you just want to listen to your
music or sing-along.

You can Stream audio from your Smart TV, Phone, Tablet, Laptop or direct connect your Smart TV via Optical Audio Input in to all all Sonken Karaoke Mixing Amplifiers.

The included standard features are fantastic, Australian designed and backed with a local, yes Australian warranty.

Visit our online showroom today to see which system suits your needs and budget.

Need help? No problem Call 1300 550 630 and we will guide you through the process.

Add on the Sonken MP-4000 Karaoke Machine if you want to Play or Record* Karaoke CD+G, DVD, VCD, CD and MP3+G Karaoke Songs.

The MP-4000 also features Bluetooth Compatibility to you can stream audio from your Phone, Smart TV, Tablet or Laptop through the MP-4000 and sing-along and even *Record the performance to USB Memory Stick or SD Card.

*It will also Record Performances when playing CD+G or MP3+G Karaoke Songs, including any key changes made and the on-screen lyrics as a separate file so you keep the original version intact.