Monday, 6 November 2017

Karaoke Portable Powered Speakers

Check out the new range of
Karaoke Portable Powered Speakers

Lots of cool features, take them out doors as they work on mains power or the internal rechargeable battery.

Great for listening to music,
parties, karaoke and speaking engagements.

Connect your Smart TV, Laptop, Mobile Phone or Tablet to Stream music, YouTube Videos and karaoke songs directly through them.
Sing-Along with the included two wireless microphones.

Listen your MP3 songs via Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, AUX Line In.

FM Radio or Connect a CDG/DVD/MP3+G Karaoke Machine with on-screen lyrics through a TV for the ultimate karaoke experience!

CBX-150G from KBEATBOX with 2 UHF Wireless Microphones

Sonken 297-T Series, Optional Wireless Body Pack and Head Set

Only from Karaoke Home Entertainment Australia

Use your Bluetooth Karaoke Powered Speaker in-conjunction with your smart devices (Phone, Tablet, TV) and stream karaoke and sing-along with the include Wireless Microphones.

Available Online or Call 1300 550 630