Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Get An Exclusive Karaoke Track Made Just For You!

Sometimes 42,390 songs is just not enough, because the one song your longing for just isn't available on karaoke. I know, it's the song you love, it means the world to you or someone special to you and you want to perform that song so desperately.

You could of course compromise and choose something else to sing, something everyone has heard before. But what if you could be different and stand out from the crowd, imagine the first time you perform that song and everyone stops to listen because that song isn't in the Karaoke hosts song book, so how come you are singing it!

Well the good news is we can help you bring that song to life and best yet you could be performing that song in as little as 5 days from now!

That's right order today from Karaoke Home Entertainment that special song you've always wanted, get it musically arranged just the way you want it, that's right the full or extended version with that guitar solo in or out complete with professional backing vocals or no backing vocals if that's what you're looking for!

Your exclusive custom Karaoke backing track will be professionally re-created in a state of the art music studio using real musical instruments and vocalists, with not a midi instrument insight.

Your exclusive song comes complete with on-screen lyrics and can be delivered as CD+G, DVD, MP3+G or MP3 (Audio only without on screen lyrics).

Like I said earlier you can expect your exclusive song to be ready in around 5 business days and most importantly will be 100% street legal as your song will be royalty paid to APRA/AMCOS just like any other track you purchase from

That last part is mega important because if its not royalty paid its not legal to play at a pub, club or venue.

This is a premium service, what you'll receive is a high quality studio production and it will be exclusively yours and yours alone to use, and your version will not appear on for others to purchase later on at the normal rates.

Now normally you would expect to pay thousands of dollars to have a custom track made just for you, arranged just the way you want it and even more so to have the Karaoke lyrics professionally added, and let's face it that just puts this type of option, of having a song especially created just for you, out of the reach of just about everyone.

So in order to make it possible for anyone to have an exclusive track created just for them Karaoke Home Entertainment has partnered with an exclusive production studio and in doing so we have brought the price way down.

You can order your exclusive track today for the special price of only A$179.00, and it will be emailed to you as either an MP3+G or MP3 file (zipped) within 5 business days from when your order and payment has been received.

We can also produce your song as either a CD+G or DVD and post it anywhere in Australia or worldwide for only A$20 extra.

Order two or more songs at the same time and save 20% and pay only A$143.20 per song.

It's really easy to get started...

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