Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Professional Sing-Along Karaoke Powered Speakers

At Karaoke Home Entertainment we have the best range of
 Bluetooth Karaoke Powered Speakers to suit all room sizes and come with Wireless Microphones included.

They are fully featured with everything you need to have a great party at home.

Use them as a Public Address units, listen to your music or sing-along karaoke style to your songs with the two included wireless microphones.

Many units come complete with a built-in LED light show and even FM radio.

Take it anywhere units with up to 5 hour battery life or use on mains power, and many units also support 12 Volt DC supply.

Stream Karaoke or music via Bluetooth from your Smart Phone, Smart TV, Tablet or Laptop or play MP3 Audio Songs from USB or SD Card.

The perfect companion for the Sonken MP-4000 Karaoke Machine as this will give you amazing sound over that of your home television and you get wireless microphones and light show as extra bonuses, simply connect via the Auxiliary input.

Many different options now available and exclusive to 

Karaoke Home Entertainment.

Order online or Call 1300 550 630.