Friday, 13 January 2012

What is MP3+G Karaoke - Why Should You Think About Upgrading?

A lot of our customers have been asking about the new buzz word MP3+G so I have put this together to better help explain what it is and how it can help you enjoy your singing experience even more.

MP3+G is a new digital format for karaoke and in Australia Karaoke Home Entertainment was the the first company to release a karaoke machine "The Sonken MP1000" which had MP3+G new technology inbuilt in 2009.

MP3+G looks and sounds the same as CD+G, but the main difference is the number of songs you can have on either a disc or store on a USB Stick or SD Card or even a Hard Drive unit.

You can store 130 songs on a CD in MP3+G format compared to approx 15 to 18 songs in CD+G format.

But the real benefit comes into play when you use say the MP1000 Karaoke Machine which can run a 32GB USB storage memory stick or SD Card which can hold 6400 songs!

Yes up to 6400 songs, disc swapping comes a thing of the past, MP3+G enables you to easily access your song library navigate the song menu / folders and select your song with in seconds.

So what do you need to get started with MP3+G, well you might already own a compatible player and if you have purchased a Sonken MP500/600, MP1000, DJ Buster, Mike Pro or PCDJ Computer Software then you already have the playback capability side done.

Now all you need is MP3+G songs, and the best part is your existing CD+G library comes along for the digital ride. No need to repurchase the songs your already own and love.

You can convert your existing CD+G library with free software tools you will find on our site this will transform your CD+G songs into the very latest MP3+G files.

How good is that, thats what I call a free upgrade! The best part is your discs don't get scratched, lost or damaged anymore and you can get on with the thing you love most about karaoke, which is singing.

Now digital technology is not perfect and we all have lost data in some device at one time or another so keep your discs safe and secure so should the data become corrupt you can restore your songs, the discs also act as your proof of purchase to avoid copyright infridgements.

So if you don't have a compatible player check out our latest machines the MP600 is the latest edition to the range the little brother to the MP1000 it can use a 8GB USB drive which will run around 1600 songs for you, best part of the MP600 is the price its from only $119.99 so if you have an older karaoke machine pass it on to a friend or the kids so they can get into karaoke and treat yourself to a new MP500 and upgrade to the very latest in technology.

We also have the PCDJ Karaoki program for people want to run their Karaoke Show from there PC Laptop this program is designed for shows and runs on MP3+G technology.

Now you can continue to purchase songs on CD+G disc and convert them to MP3+G or we also sell every Sunfly Karaoke CD+G disc in MP3+G Karaoke format with all the conversion is done for you, the MP3+G CD-Rom will play in a MP500/600 or MP1000 for example or just drop and drag the song files to your USB device and your done.

You can also now digital download any Sunfly Karaoke CD+G disc in MP3+G format via the internet as an instant download from and , same quality as the disc, you will see a download button appear when looking at Sunfly Karaoke CD+G disc you now have the option to purchase a physical disc or do the instant download.

You can also purchase individual songs in MP3+G format on a custom disc or via Digital Download from the web site, get yourself some pre-paid credit and download anytime day or night just the songs you love to sing, the Pick N Mix library is growing all the time each week new songs are added we have over 36,000 tracks for CD+G, DVD and MP3+G on custom disc and to download in MP3+G format with many more to come.

I hope you find this information useful, happy to answer any questions you may have.