Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Family Fun anytime with your new Karaoke Machine

Ever thought of hiring a Karaoke System, most people assume the cost is way higher to purchase outright than to hire a system, which is just not true.

When people call up and ask if we hire as they assume that's the norm, they are surprised to learn how cheap it is to actually just buy a unit outright.

Just the other day, a lovely lady called Caitlyn from Brisbane ordered the family party pack system as a gift for her best friends hens night.

Caitlyn told us she'd had quotes upwards of $400 for a few hours of fun and with this system it was a bonus gift that her best friend could enjoy over and over again, all whilst saving money.

I would challenge anyone to find a karaoke system for hire for less than $300 these days, even a karaoke bar would cost your more with most venues charging around $40 per hour per person to sing.

Why waste hundreds of dollars just for a few hours of entertainment, when you could use the system time and time again.

I'm sure you entertain family and friends from time to time, have birthday parties, people over Christmas and then New Years Eve to just name a few occasions.

Did you know
singing is fun, relaxes you, reduces stress and is actually good for your health, it can really bring people together like nothing else.

And believe me as it has happened time and time again at our parties people come in and say I'm not singing, give it a hour or so and you will not get them off the microphone. It only takes one person to start singing and everyone wants to do it, the hours pass very quickly and it's an amazing night had by all.

It's better than just sitting around and listening to music, everyone gets involved and it becomes very animated and extremely entertaining, and not just for the singers. Shy people come out of their shell and will amaze you.

We have many different package deals for the Sonken MP400 Karaoke Machine complete with songs and microphones so you can sing sing sing straight away and the best part is it's yours to keep forever.

So why consider hiring a system when it cost less to own and enjoy karaoke whenever you want too..

Great when friends come over, more enjoyable than the Sunday night movie, cheaper than venturing out for a night on the town. Then think of all the special occasions, birthday parties, Christmas parties and celebrating new years with your new karaoke machine.

There is no better deal in Australia and at this amazing price it pays for itself and then some the very first time you entertain your family and friends.

Its super easy to connect, plug in the power and connect the MP4000 to your TV and home sound system using the red / white and yellow AV connectors and start singing.

You can add extra songs with easy playing karaoke discs or download songs on your computer and play them from a USB memory stick that plugs into the front of the machine.

We have songs from today's latest radio hits right back through the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's, over 80,000 songs...

Get started today see this deal or several others with different song packs at Karaoke Home Entertainment or shop online and have it delivered anywhere in Australia in a matter of days.