Thursday, 16 August 2012

Times running out to Recordio it...


1GB Singing Recordio
1GB Singing Recordio 

This is the device that everyone uses to record their singing performances, its called "Recordio" the Portable USB Digital Recorder.

It's extremely easy to use and it's so affordable everyone will be able to get one!

Now you can take your new Portable Digital Recorder anywhere you go and take home with you your digitally recorded singing performance.

With its large 1GB internal memory you can store approximately 250 songs, you can even listen to the playback though the provided headphones immediately.

Then simply plug the Digital Recorder into your USB port on your computer to download all your recordings, make your own CD's for friends, create remixes on your computer (no software included), in-fact the skies the limit once you have done the digital recording.

How Does It Work: Easily, just connect your Karaoke Machine (or any other device) to the Digital Recorder via the Line In taking the sound directly from either your Karaoke Machines audio output or from your amplifiers Line Out or Audio Out and your done, press record when your ready to start singing.

Take a look at its features: Direct Audio Recording from any line-out source such as CD and Cassette Players as well as Karaoke Machines/Players (Including Magic Sing) even PA Systems (Amplifiers) and Pro Mixing Boards, CD Quality recordings, Monitor Recording Function Live, Simple To Use Controls, Playback of Voice, Music and Multi-Media Files, 1GB Digital Storage Media, Up to 1000 Minutes Music Storage (approximately 250 songs), Low Battery Indicator, LED Status Indicators, Auto Shut Off when not in use, USB 1.0/1.1 and 2.0 compatible, Compatible with both Windows™ and Apple™ based computers.

Comes complete with: Carry Bag, 1x AAA Battery, Stereo Earphones, Connection Cables and Instruction Manual.

We have sold out now of the Recordio but our modern Karaoke Machines like the Sonken MP4000 now have this cool feature built-in so you can record your performance from CD+G or MP3+G Karaoke media.

When playing CD+G or MP3+G Karaoke file it also records the video lyric file and your voice and the music all at the same time, you can also key change and it will record that too. The best part is it places this recording a in a special folder so the original is not touched or altered.

It's a fantastic way to see if your getting the song right when singing it you can see if your in time with the karaoke lyrics.

 You can also Bluetooth Stream from your devices (Smart TV, Phone, PC or Tablet) the audio through the MP4000 and Sing-Along with your Microphone and record your Voice and the music to SD Card or Memory Stick.

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