Sunday, 4 December 2011

New Sonken MP500 CD+G / MP3+G Karaoke Player Arrives

{update 12/1/2013 - Sonken MP-600 new version to be released end of January 2013 featuring a fresh new look and all very latest firmware updates etc made for the MP500 incorporated into this new model}

It's arrived just in time for Christmas 2011 and the Sonken MP500 Karaoke Player is already proving to be very popular, its small but feature packed, not only will it play CD+G Discs which is the largest range of songs on Karaoke, but also plays custom karaoke discs.

Yes you can make your very own discs buy choosing the songs you want in the order you want them in we can do that in CD+G, DVD and MP3+G formats for you. A custom disc also makes a great present, the web site has over 30,000 songs and it grows weekly for you to choose from the songs you know and love.

One of it biggest features is that the MP500 plays MP3+G discs (which can hold 130 songs) and MP3+G song files from a USB memory stick (8GB max, which holds around 1600 songs). On average a CD+G disc will hold 15-18 songs so MP3+G expands the storage ability. This means you can either purchase CD+G discs and convert them to MP3+G song files, keep you discs safe and sound and run your songs from the on-screen menu which saves disc swapping and make selecting songs so fast.

 No loss of quality, it looks and plays just like a CD+G disc, just more convenient, you can also instant download just the songs you want in MP3+G format or now download any Sunfly Karaoke CD+G disc which has been released as an instant full album download, just too easy!

The MP500 can also record your singing performance, how cool is that, play the song you like press record insert a USB stick and start singing! play it back send the songs to your friends, become a better singer.

The machine also plays VCD and DVD discs also, it has echo and key control and many other features too boot!

The best feature I think is the price, from only $99.99 its a steal what better time to upgrade your old player to this next generation machine and experience everything that MP3+G has to offer.

We have free software to convert your existing CD+G library on the information site

Take a look today at all the special package deals we have for the MP500 Karaoke Player, need some help with choosing the right package deal then call 1300 550 630 or visit a store today where you find this new machine sitting along side its big brother the MP1000.