Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sonken MP4000 Pro Karaoke Machine

The top of the line Sonken MP4000 Karaoke Machine and is feature packed including Bluetooth streaming, Song Book Creator Tool, HDMI connectivity and much more... 

It's easy to use and can play Karaoke CD+G discs and MP3+G Karaoke Downloads 
and we have over 95,000 songs available to download covering all music genres and new songs available weekly to play on the MP4000.

The MP4000 also features Vocal/Music record feature when playing either a CDG or MP3+G Karaoke song it will record everything including the on-screen lyrics back to USB/SD Card in real time.

Plus you can also use the Key Control feature to step up and down from the original key to make it easier for you to sing the song.

You can also connect your Smart Phone or Tablet via Bluetooth to stream audio from your digital devices singing through the Sonken MP4000, it even lets you record vocals to USB or SD Card whilst doing this.

The MP4000 is compatible with Multiplex Audio Discs (CD+G / DVD / VCD) and can also play MP3+G Download songs from USB or SD Card which you can all switch on or off the cover vocalist, so you don't have sing by yourself.

We have thousands of MPX (Multiplex) Songs at that you can download and play on the MP4000 with new songs coming online every week.

The Sonken MP4000 can be rack mounted and we can supply you free of charge the rack mounts if needed as they not supplied as standard.

You have two extra shared microphone inputs on the rear of the unit ideal for connecting Wireless Microphones, plus all the video outputs you will ever require including; VGA, HDMI, Composite (Red/White/Yellow), Component and even S-VHS.

Don't buy just any karaoke machine buy the one and only karaoke machine designed in Australia by Sonken (in Sydney) together with Karaoke Home Entertainment for Australia which comes with a 2 year local warranty and most importantly has all the features you need and want in a heavy duty professional metal case.

And most importantly we have the all the karaoke songs available from the all the Karaoke Studios in the World.

SBI Karaoke
Aaron Aardvark Karaoke

Big Hits Karaoke
VIC Karaoke Productions (New Zealand)
Chartbuster Karaoke
Zoom Karaoke
Abraxa Karaoke
MPME Karaoke

If it's available to sing on Karaoke we have it.

Check out to create a custom Karaoke CD+G or DVD disc for your Sonken MP4000 or instantly Download MP3+G Single Songs or Albums an play them from either a USB Memory Stick or SD Card complete with on-screen lyrics.

The MP4000 Karaoke Machine is exclusively available from