Thursday, 5 June 2014

Karaoke Adds Learning To Musical Fun

Tim van Andel, CEO at Karaoke Home Entertainment wants school students of all ages to learn how to use a Karaoke machine to develop their singing and presentation skills, and build self confidence.

He says: “An opportunity for the student to come out in the open, in front of their peers and teachers to showcase their speaking and singing skills, is sure to eradicate stage fright and develop public speaking ability.”

While students can follow the music in time and sing along with the on-screen lyrics when a Karaoke machine is used, the CDs and digital downloads can also be used without a machine as professional backing tracks for school shows, plays and musical productions.

As well as the fun that a Karaoke machine will add to social functions like discos, formals, dinners and camps, Tim stresses the learning potential: “Karaoke enable students to alter the key notes to suit their voices and even to record their performances. 

This will empower them, their parents and teachers to gauge the talent of a budding singer, stage performer or public speaker.”

Some models can also be used as a public address system with wired or wireless microphones for a multi purpose solution, with music on tap when it’s needed while avoiding expensive sound equipment hiring charges.

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