Wednesday, 8 February 2012


It's almost that time of the year when the Guernsey comes out of the summer closet, because on Friday 17th the NAB Cup commences with Richmond vs North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium.

For me I have to wait till Carlton plays in week 2 when they take on the Adelaide Crows.

Get in to the 2012 AFL Season with the "Special Edition Release" Sunfly Karaoke "Aussie Rules Footy Songs" karaoke disc with 23 Iconic Anthems, including the traditional 16 club theme songs.

Check out these great songs...

  1      Taking It To The Streets - Doobie Brothers  (as featured on the Footy Show)

  2      The Thing About Football - Greg Champion

  3      Aussie Rules I Thank You For The Best Years Of Our - Kevin Stephen Johnson 

  4      Up There Cazaly - Mike Brady

  5      One Day In September - Mike Brady 

  6      Holy Grail - Hunters And Collectors  

  7      Leaps And Bounds - Paul Kelly, The Coloured Girls

  8      Adelaide Theme Song (Pride Of South Australia) - Fable Singers

  9      Brisbane Theme Song (La Marseillaise) - Fable Singers 

  10    Carlton Theme Song (Lily Of Laguna) - Fable Singers  

  11    Collingwood Theme Song (Goodbye Dolly Gray) - Fable Singers

  12    Essendon Theme Song (Keep Your Sunnyside Up) - Fable Singers 

  13    Fremantle Theme Song (We Are The Freo Dockers) - Fable Singers

  14    Geelong Theme Song (Carmen) - Fable Singers 

  15    Hawthorn Theme Song (Yankee Doodle Dandy) - Fable Singers

  16    Melbourne Theme Song (It's A Grand Old Flag) - Fable Singers

  17    North Melbourne Theme Song (A Wee Doch And Doris) - Fable Singers  

  18    Port Adelaide Theme Song (The Power To Win) - Fable Singers  

  19    Richmond Theme Song (Row Row Row) - Fable Singers

  20    St. Kilda Theme Song (When The Saints Go Marching - Fable Singers

  21    Sydney Theme Song (Notre Dame Victory March) - Fable Singers

  22    West Coast Theme Song (We're Flying High) - Fable Singers  

  23    Bulldogs Theme Song (Sons Of The West) - Fable Singers

All songs are available on so you can pick and choose just the songs you want or you can download the full album in MP3+G format.

The Aussie Rules Footy Songs CD+G Karaoke disc is only $14.99.
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The disc can also be used as with all CD+G discs as a CD backing track, we also have this disc available in DVD format for use in any DVD player complete with on-screen lyrics, or get yourself a CD+G Karaoke Player from only $129.99 from

The AFL Karaoke Footy Disc is a real party favorite and captures every ones attention, its just like being at the footy!

Go Blues !
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