Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sunfly Karaoke Multiplex DVD's (Vocal On/Off)


We have completed a full stock take of all our remaining factory pressed Sunfly Karaoke discs (CD+G and DVD) and they are now listed on our websites.

The majority of the Sunfly Multiplex DVD's are flat priced at $7.50 each (was $14.99), many are down to the last remaining discs and all discs will be instantly deleted once sold out.

The Sunfly Karaoke DVD's are unique in they have two fun features.

1. Multiplex Audio Tracks - This enables you to sing along with the cover singer vocalist and learn the song or just sing-along if you prefer that option.

You can switch on or off the vocal cover singer with your DVD players "Audio Button" or a Karaoke Machine the "MPX" or "Multiplex" button.

On a DVD player it's no different then selecting a different language option when watching a movie.

2. Fun Video Clips - Instead of the standard black background shot you can have a fun relative to the song being played shown with the lyrics over the top.  

You can on some DVD players use the "Angle" button to switch on or off the the video clip and just have the standard black or blue background with the lyrics on the top.

This is your last chance to get these very special karaoke DVD's as they have all been deleted now world wide.

We are also offering free shipping in Australia.

We also have Multiplex Karaoke Songs available for Karaoke MP3+G and MP4 Download at www.picknmix.com.au but they don't have the video clips in the background.