Thursday, 8 February 2018

MAX Karaoke Portable Karaoke System

Look at this amazing all-in-one unit, this is the one and only
MAX Karaoke Portable System with 2 UHF Wireless Microphones included.

It has the biggest screen available on the market being 15" and with it's 50 Watts (RMS) Amplifier and Speaker System really delivers great sound.

It's mains power or you can use it on it's internal rechargeable battery system, making this a true portable solution. Take it anywhere...

The system support so many file formats like AVI or MP4 so you can play pretty much anything you like with video and audio clarity.

Great for Karaoke, Music and Movies...

• 15" LCD Screen Built In
• 50 Watts (RMS) Powered Speaker
• 2x UHF Wireless Microphones
• Microphone Volume and Echo Control and Music Level Control
• USB and Micro SD Card Slot
• Bluetooth
• FM Radio
• Rechargeable Battery + Mains Powered
• Wheels and Pull Handel
• Weighs only 8.7kg

We have exclusive song packages to go with your new

Max Karaoke System including...

 60's/70s - 100 Song - Collection
 - 100 Song - Collection

90's - 100 Song - Collection
00's - 120 Song - Collection

30's / 40's / 50's - 100 Song - Collection
Ultimate Collection - 800 Songs

You can download these and other song packs from 

Simply purchase them on our site and download to your PC and copy to a USB Memory stick to play them in the Max Karaoke.

All these song packs are presented in HD-MP4 quality and all feature lead vocal singer on/off feature.

We have over 67,000 songs available for the Max Karaoke Machine at

Karaoke Home Entertainment - 1300 550 630