Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Song Book Creator Upgrade - Sonken MP600

Upgrade your Sonken MP600 Karaoke Player with a brand new feature.

The firmware system upgrade takes less than 1 minute to do and is very easy to install yourself.

The upgrade will then enable you to create a song book of all the MP3+G Karaoke songs you have on your USB memory stick.

You will find the song book .csv file on your USB it only takes a few moments for it to catalogue your songs.

Then just open the song book .csv file using Microsoft Excel so you can print your song book or sort by artist or song title in Excel.

Yes no more searching through folders looking for your song just key a unique number and it instantly plays your song.

Each time you add more songs to your USB just repeat the process and you have a new catalogue.

Download it now anytime day or night and enjoy this new super cool feature....

You can also purchase a brand new Sonken MP600 Karaoke Player with this upgrade pre-installed.

Get your new machine with this upgrade included or the upgrade your older model here.