Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Want more songs for your Magic Sing?

{Update to this Story 4/2/2013 - Click Here Downloads Arrive!}

{Update to this Story 20/2/2013 - Click Here for new range of Song Chips now available}

Are you frustrated that you can't get the songs you hear on the radio for your Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone?

Are you constantly looking for more songs? Abba, Lady Gaga, The Bee Gees, Cliff Richard, Elvis, Guy Sebastian, Sky Hooks, INXS, John Farnham, Garth Brooks, Jim Reeves, Michael Jackson, Michael Buble, The Eagles and the list goes on, and I'm not talking about one or two songs but 15, 20, 50 of there songs?

If you are, you are not alone, the Magic Sing units are a neat little karaoke system and especially good with you want foreign languages as they have a host of different song chips from Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, French, Hindi, Arabic and Italian songs all for Karaoke.

The biggest single issue is the lack of English song artists, not a day goes by at Karaoke Home Entertainment where we are asked "do you have the latest songs"?

The answer sadly is always "no" not because we don't have it or don't want to sell it, we just can't get it.

We have been selling Magic Sing for over 6 years now and it is by far our biggest frustration, there is a new model every six months you can bet your bottom dollar on it, but you are lucky to see a song chip released during the year.

We always suggest to a new customer before you choose which model you are going to buy make sure they have available the songs you know and more importantly want to sing, because if they are not there your never going to be happy as the chances of them releasing more song chips is just not realistic.

In 2010 we got wind of a new range of 17 English song chips which we were told are going to replace the current 25 English song chips. Well we said to ourselves 8 chips less in the range but we are getting new songs so that has to be good for our customers.

Wrong... the problem is their was nothing new forthcoming, in fact all they did was reshuffle the deck in this case the song deck, moving songs around from one chip to another re mixing them to look like new compilations but they were just the same old songs from before.

In the reshuffle we actually lost songs, one chip I think is was volume 5 had 7 Abba songs everything available on Magic Sing. Now the same songs are spread cross several chips, forcing you to buy several chips to get them all.

We have asked them to make specific Australian content music but the best they came up with is two chips called Aussie Radio Hits 1 + 2 which are main stream artists on the global stage but no Aussie artists soh's to speak, these chips are by far the most popular, but are getting very dated now.

Magic Sing has also been promising the option of downloading songs for your Magic Sing, models as far back as the 2005 the first model the ED-8000 had a USB port and they even made a blank recording song chip pack so you could do two things, one; record your singing performances and two; download songs from magic sing (at a cost of course) and compile your own custom song chip.

Well sadly it's 2012 and that still don't exist, it does in Korea the home town of Magic Sing but the site is 100% Korean and doesn't to my knowledge accept international clientele.

Not that you can read or work out what to do in any case. We have given up asking about the download option as it is clear they have no intention of doing it which is a pity. KHE Direct are the Sunfly Karaoke distributors in Australia and with a modern library of over 12,000 English songs we offered to do a licensing deal with them to bring all the coolest songs to the Magic Sing format but that wasn't something they were interest in doing either.

In April 2011 we asked if we could create our own download service using the entire library of songs already available on chips complete with multiplex songs to be incorporated into our service. This would allow our customers to purchase just the songs they wanted instead of purchasing a chip for $100 to get 30 of the 100 songs on the chip they actually liked.

{ET-23KH Magic Sing Model released February 2013 which now was MP3+G Download Technology so you can expand the song library beyond chips, now you have access to all the songs on CD+G or MP3+G in this hybrid model.

Are you a Magic Sing Retailer/Distributor become a download reseller and sell MP3+G songs to your customers}

Multiplex songs were introduced in 2010 with selected models but they only gave around 10 to 30 songs depending on the model as a tease and it came with the future promise that they would release Multiplex only song chips. I have been told they have many hundreds multiplex songs but don't want to release them as they don't think anyone wants them!

I told them everyone who owns a Magic Sing wants Multiplex songs, we get asked all the time for them, we pressed hard to get them to make available even if only on our download service. I was told we would get answer re our download proposal with in 3 weeks, well it's February 2012 and I'm still waiting and yes I have followed it up every month for about six months to get the same response "3 weeks".

In December 2011 the prices of chips finally dropped in price and they now all sell for $89.99 which is a fare drop from the highs of $129.99 but they are the same old chips.

TIP: You can find some newer songs on Filipino/Tagalog/English chips as this market is very large so they placed newer chart hits on these chips, but they refused to release them just solely on their own without the Filipino songs.

For the price of a single Magic Sing Song Chip you can have the very latest Sonken MP600 Karaoke Machine which will play not only CD+G, DVD but also is a MP3+G player for the price of song chip!

Problem solved, see Magic Sing at best has maybe 6000 to 7000 English songs, I think the figure is closer to 5000, on the CD+G format alone their are over 70,000 songs, from the worlds largest names in Karaoke like Sunfly, SBI, Pocket Songs, Easy Karaoke, Zoom and many others.

The songs from these manufactures are professional sounding tracks with backing vocals and you can even get multiplex songs too if you so choose. The selection on our download service is already exceeding 36,000 songs and growing weekly. {15/9/2014 over 43,000 songs}

You can get songs from the 1920's to the songs your listening to on the radio which are hot right now!

You can purchase discs, you can create custom discs and you can even do digital downloads in MP3+G format and compile and run your songs from a USB stick using the onscreen navigation menu to display the song and artist for easy playback.

The machine is small and compact so you can take it anywhere, it uses a normal inexpensive standard 6.35mm jack plug microphone, wired or wireless and connects to any TV (LCD/Plasma) or projector and sound system using the very same red/white and yellow RCA video cable your Magic Sing uses.

It's just too easy!

The best part is that you will no-longer be limited to a select range of songs, you will be amazed at what you can get and the prices you will pay to get a disc of your favourite songs is a fraction of the cost of a song chip. The average disc is priced between $10 to $20 so affordable.

Every month we have over 500 new songs coming available from all music genre's new and old with something for everyone.

So stop being frustrated and get singing, enjoy everything that karaoke has to offer! Don't be locked in set yourself free explore the karaoke world and all the songs it has to offer.

Take the step today, talk to a KHE team member let us show you what you've been missing out on all this time. And for the price of a single song chip you are one step closer to realising an amazing karaoke experience.

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MP3+G technology or ask a KHE team member today!