Monday, 17 December 2012

Turn Your DVD Player into a Karaoke Machine


The easiest way to turn any home DVD player or gaming console which can play DVD's (like PlayStation® 2 or 3, X-Box*® or X-Box 360®) into a Karaoke Machine, is by adding a Karaoke Mixer.

Karaoke Mixer gives you two microphone inputs both with echo effect, tone control and individual microphone volume controls and even a music level control so you can sing-along to karaoke DVDs immediately.

Its a simple to connect pass through device, taking under 5 minutes to set up and once connected you don't need to remove it. The 
Karaoke Mixer has its own power on/off switch so if you want to sing karaoke switch it on and when your done switch it off and your DVD player or Gaming Console will work as normal.

Easy to connect by taking the Stereo (RCA Red/White [audio]) (OUT) from your DVD Player/Console (IN) to the 
Karaoke Mixer then (OUT) of the Karaoke Mixer to your TV's (AV INPUTS) or for improved sound run the Red/White [audio] into you Home Theatre System, Hi-Fi System or Amplifier and Speakers. 

The Video RCA Yellow Composite still runs directly from your DVD Player/Console to your TV for the on-screen lyrics. This device will NOT work with HDMI as this cable will override the RCA sockets when connected and the MIXER doesn't support HDMI.

Use your DVD players audio button located on the remote control to use the Multiplex feature, which switches on or off the lead vocals on discs that have this feature.

Great fun for the whole family and comes add some microphones  and you can get DVDs from

Unlike the gaming console karaoke games which are expensive to say the least you will have thousands of songs available to choose from, with songs from the 1930's to the very latest karaoke songs played on Australian Radio today.

The songs are available in the form of ready to play Karaoke DVD's or you can even make your very own custom DVD mix on our custom karaoke web site (choose DVD option) where you can have up to 200 songs on a single disc.

The most important thing to remember is that Karaoke DVD's are just normal DVD's they will play in any DVD Player complete with on-screen lyrics/words and the music, so any DVD player will play them, the Karaoke Converter let's you add on the microphones to complete the experience.

The Karaoke Mixer will not work with an all-in-one Home Theatre/DVD Player or a TV/DVD Combo Player, it can only function when used as a pass through device using  separate components like a DVD Player/Gaming Console and separate TV/Hi-FI/Home Theatre/Amplifier and Speaker systems.

We also have the Sonken MP-4000 Karaoke Machines that not only plays Karaoke CD+G, DVD, VCD or CD's but it also supports MP3+G Karaoke Download Files/Songs played from a USB memory stick complete with on-screen TV Karaoke lyrics.

The MP-4000 already has 2 Microphone inputs (Mixer) and supports Wired or Wireless Microphones and will also act as a World Zoned (all region) DVD Player for you.

It also supports Bluetooth Connectivity for your Phone or Tablet Device.

You can also record your performances with the MP-4000 when playing CD+G or MP3+G Karaoke Songs.

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