Friday, 9 December 2011

Bust A Move - With A DJ Buster All-In-One Karaoke System

In 2011 the Sonken Karaoke DJ Buster MDJ-001 was it, the best portable karaoke system you could get in Australia, and boy was it popular.

Over the years 
Sonken Karaoke DJ Buster spawned several versions ending in May 2019 with the MDJ-003 which incorporated the still current karaoke machine built-in. 

The MDJ-001 All-In-One Karaoke System is feature packed, and it is half the price of it's nearest competitor and they don't even have MP3+G Song Playback or the Singing Record feature like this machine does.

The DJ Buster will play CD+G/DVD/MP3+G/VCD/CD/MP3 Audio, it will record your performance to either USB or SD Card (Max Capacity is 32GB) complete with your vocals and backing music.

You can convert your CD+G library to MP3+G and run your entire library of a USB Memory Stick or SD Card (32GB Max) that's 6400 songs all at the touch of your fingers via the on-screen menu, no more disc swapping with a DJ Buster.

The DJ Buster also has a Guitar and Keyboard Inputs with individual gain controls, plus you have all the features of graphic equalizer to get the sound just the way you like it.

It is tough and weighs in at 27KG this is no toy and features an 80 Watt Amplifier and Speaker System, just add a TV screen for your on-screen lyrics and your ready to do Karaoke. You can also output this system to external amplifier and speaker system for bigger venues.

The system can run either or a combination of wired and wireless microphones and we have many options to choose from.

You can also download MP3+G songs from or full CD+G albums in MP3+G from the web sites.

Power, performance and value for money at only $599.99 from a Karaoke Home Entertainment, call 1300 550 630 for more information or to order one of these great systems.

Fast Forward >>

The new kid on the block released in 2018 is the MAX KARAOKE also from Sonken Karaoke and its very compact, powerful and has a 15" screen, 2 UHF Wireless Microphones and is a true portable system with it's own rechargeable battery system so you can take it anywhere with you.

It's now in 2nd Series the Max Karaoke WWS released in September 2019 with one notable difference the adding of the Wired Screen Sharing so you can share audio and visual from your digital devices (phone/tablet) through the Max Karaoke sound system and on the 15" screen.

And its cheaper than the original DJ Buster Series with a lot more features... Read on...

Not only does the Max Karaoke Portable System allow you to play the very latest Karaoke Songs in pristine HD-MP4 quality on your the large 15" screen whilst you are sing-along on using the 2 included wireless microphones.

But you can also bring along your existing Karaoke content (CD+G or MP3+G) you have already purchased from Karaoke Home Entertainment and

The Max Karaoke system will not directly play these older media types but you can convert your CD+G or MP3+G's to MP4 using special optional software.

Then you can still enjoy your existing songs, keep in mind you might like to re-acquire new versions in HD-MP4 which also come with the Multiplex aka MPX on/off feature. 

Then you can sing-along with the cover-vocalist to better learn the song, also good if you have shy singers to have these special vocal tracks.

The Series 2 Max Karaoke - WSS (Wired Screen Share) - Released September 2019 enables you to also connect your Mobile Phone or Tablet via a USB cable and then SHARE the contents displayed on your Phone / Tablet (both audio and video) through the Max Karaoke Portable System.

With this amazing feature (WSS) you can then also stream audio/video content from Karaoke Streaming Services or Apps, or Videos from YouTube or even watch Movies via Netflix, Stan or Foxtel streaming services through your device via the Max Karaoke.

If you would like more information about the Max Karaoke Portable System visit or call Karaoke Home Entertainment on 1300 550 630.