Tuesday, 23 October 2012

VocoPro "Carry-Oke" MP3+G Karaoke Microphone

The new way to Sing Karaoke and take it with you, it's called the VocoPro "Carry-Oke" Microphone, this compact portable all in one Karaoke Machine has all the features you need and get on a disc based player.

The only catch there is no disc drive for CD+G's, but that's ok too because the "Carry-Oke" Microphone can hold up to 800 songs on a single 4GB SD Card in the format of MP3+G.

CD+G discs can be converted easily into MP3+G song files on your Windows based PC and you can also download from over 95,000 MP3+G songs from www.picknmix.com.au 

The "Carry-Oke" Microphone can also Record your singing performance straight back in real time to the same SD Card, complete with music and your voice.

All cables are provided including a car adapter so the kids can sing Karaoke in the car if you have a in car LCD screen with AV input on board :) good luck with that one!

Feature packed with access to thousands of Karaoke songs either in CD+G or MP3+G format, the VocoPro "Carry-Oke" Microphone is a great way to enjoy your karaoke when your on the move or at home.
Similar to the Magic Sing Karaoke Microphones but with a much larger selection of music to choose from as with Magic Sing you are limited to the number of song chips they produce and you can't download like you can with the "Carry-Oke" Microphone from VocoPro.

Available in from Karaoke Home Entertainment 1300 550 630