Wednesday, 7 November 2012

RSQ NEO-22 Karaoke Machine (CD+G/DVD/MP3+G)

The name RSQ (Real Sound Quality) based in the USA is well known in the Karaoke world and is strongly linked to the brand JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Ltd) who made the some of the worlds most popular karaoke machines like the SV-222 single tray and MV-333 triple tray.

Of course back then state of the art technology with only CD+G and VCD playback, long before the dawning of DVD and today's MP3+G.

Today the SV-222 and MV-333 models are getting old and JVC the original makers for RSQ of the technology simply don't have any more spare parts for these ageing superstars.

Technology has moved on and new formats have emerged like MP3+G the digital equivalent of CD+G (and yes you can convert you existing CD+G's into MP3+G files see ) and RSQ's own format NEO+G a super capacity format, though the NEO+G format really never caught on as the NEO discs will not work on other karaoke machines.

But when you have owned something so reliable for so long whether it be branded JVC or the later RSQ you don't want to jump ship too fast and I can understand that, and many owners of their JVC/RSQ Karaoke Machines just don't want to part with them.

JVC is no longer making machines but RSQ have followed on from where JVC left off with the brand new RSQ NEO-22 Karaoke Machine and it still uses the famous JVC mould for the front fascia.

A Professional Karaoke Machine, strong and sturdy and with all the technology for today's Karaoke world built in so now you can upgrade your old work horse and enjoy all the new content available which our older machines simple struggle to play with the new RSQ NEO-22 Karaoke Machine now available from Karaoke Home Entertainment.

This system is no-longer available but we suggest you take a look at the professional karaoke system which has been designed by Sonken Australia.

RSQ Karaoke Hi-Fi System Out Now!

Now available and perfect for home the RSQ P-300 Karaoke Hi-Fi System which plays CD+G, DVD and Digital Downloads in MP3+G format.

Complete with its very own 7" LCD screen so you can see the on-screen lyrics, feature packed and great family fun for everyone to enjoy. 25 + 25 Watts gives you 50 Watts of audio power to make sure the room is filled with sound, the RSQ P-300 is also great for watching movies on DVD.

This system is no-longer available but we suggest you take a look at the portable system.