Sunday, 22 June 2014

How To Convert CD+G's Into MP3+G's

Did you know you can easily convert your CD+G Discs in to MP3+G song files?

There are two free software programs available for your Windows PC which will modernize your song library in minutes. 

Once you have them as MP3+G Songs you can easily view all your songs in the on-screen menu of a Karaoke Machine like the Sonken MP4000 or Miic Star MS-62, both of these systems will quickly generate a song book for you so you and enter in a song number for instant playback.

We have even created an easy to follow e-book explaining how to use these free software tools so you can quickly convert your library of CD+G Karaoke Discs in to MP3+G song files.

Visit for more information about MP3+G songs and Karaoke Systems that play MP3+G Songs including PCDJ Karaoki a Professional Hosting Software program for Karaoke DJ's to run hosted shows at venues. 

You can also download the free conversion software programs at to convert your CD+G's in to MP3+G songs.

We have over 95,000 songs available in MP3+G and more songs coming out every week visit to see all the karaoke worlds best brands in one place...

Zoom Karaoke
SBI Karaoke
MPME Karaoke
VIC Karaoke Productions (New Zealand)

Big Hits Karaoke
Aaron Aardvark Karaoke

Abraxa Karaoke

You can purchase karaoke download credits in the following packages...

1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 50 and 100 songs

See for pricing details including information 
on how to get the VIP treatment so you get more songs for less.