Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Portable Karaoke Boom Box with 9" LCD Screen


It's coming and its exclusive to Karaoke Home Entertainment the Karaoke Boom Box this February 2013.

The Karaoke Boom Box has it all and is perfect for the Kids to enjoy Karaoke, Listening to Music on CD or MP3, Watching DVD Movies or playing some Retro Games. It's portable and has a internal rechargeable battery great for out door use.

Just look at the features:

* 9" Colour LCD Screen which folds into the lid

* Portable CD+G/DVD Karaoke Player (plays custom discs)

* Plays DVD Movies (World Zoned)
* Plays MP3 Songs off USB or SD Card
* Has FM Radio Built In (Antenna Included)
* Stereo Sound

* AV IN and OUT (Play other devices into it and display the output to another TV)
* Remote Control

* Internal Rechargable Battery (2.5 Hours Use)
* Weighs less then 4 KG

* USB Gaming Controllers (2x) and Games Disc with free 300 Games like Pac Man.

This system is no-longer available but we suggest you take a look at the portable system.