Thursday, 1 March 2018

Sonken MDJ-003 DJ Buster Karaoke System with MP4000

The Sonken DJ Buster Series has been an extremely popular unit over the years.

It all started back in August 2011 with the very first model, the MDJ-001, it represented a true all-in-one solution for all your karaoke needs.

Featuring a top of the line Karaoke Player capable of playing CD+G, DVD, VCD and Digital Downloaded Songs in MP3+G format, it could even record your performance.

The package was complete with a powerful amplifier and speaker system built in, in a mobile all-in-one box with wheels and suit case style pull along handle.

It was loved by performers, schools, function centres and the like and especially at home, at it had everything you could want in an affordable all-in-one package.

There have been improvements as technology improved, a couple of years later we had the MDJ-002 which was modularized with separate amplifier and karaoke player but still in an all-in-one road case.

Sonken experimented with an all digital version, playing MP4 karaoke files, together with a Portable Powered Speaker System (with rechargeable battery) complete with 2 Wireless Microphones. This time it had an in-built HD video projector and came with a portable cinema screen.

It was an amazing concept, as this was truly a portable device with it's rechargeable battery system. Customers liked the in-built video projector but they still really wanted the option of playing their karaoke CD+G, DVD and VCD discs, along with Karaoke MP3+G files.

So with this in mind, we set out to develop the best of all 3 models, and that brought us to the current model released in March 2018, the MDJ-003. 

This has the option of either having the Sonken MP4000 Professional Karaoke Machine installed at the top which can play all the karaoke songs be it CD+G, DVD, VCD or MP3+G, but also could stream via Bluetooth from your Phone or Tablet (using Karaoke Apps or even from YouTube) and even record the vocals from these digital devices back on the MP4000 to USB or SD Card.

You also had the Powerful 150 Watts RMS Amplifier and Speaker System the most powerful yet in the series complete with a Guitar input as first featured on the MDJ-001 but excluded on the MDJ-002.

Plus its very own Bluetooth Streaming Feature, SD or USB slot to play MP3 Audio files, FM Radio, Line Input for other devices, plus a front facing Blue LED Light Strip for extra party atmosphere which could be switched on or off.

(as pictured here)

It also came with 2 Wireless Microphones as standard and included an internal rechargeable battery system for the Amplifier and Speaker, or could also be used on mains power. It also has a DC 12 Volt external power source connection, i.e. connecting to a car battery.

The Sonken MP4000 Player does however require mains power to function.

The best part is, that it is also much lighter than all the previous models dropping from nearly 30kg on the MDJ-001/2 series to only 18kg making it much easier to move around.

So if you're looking for the ultimate portable karaoke all-in-one system make sure you take a look at the...

Sonken DJ Buster 

* Powered Speaker 150W (RMS) 
* 2x 6.5" Speakers 2x 3" Tweeters
* 2 Wireless Microphones
* LED (blue box strip) On/Off Light Show
* Microphone and Music Effects
* 6.35mm Guitar Input
* 6.35mm Extra Microphone Input

* Rechargeable Battery or Mains Powered
* Up To 5 Hours Playback on Battery
* Bluetooth
* FM Radio
* USB / Micro SD Card (TF)
* USB Record
* AUX Input (for MP4000 Karaoke Machine, Laptop, DVD Player etc.)
* Only 15kg or 18kg (with MP4000 installed)
* 51.5 (W) x 27.5 (D) x 42cm (H)

With the Optional Sonken MP4000 Professional Karaoke Machine (CD+G/DVD/MP3+G) installed at the very top of the system.

If you don't get the MP4000 installed you would be be either playing MP3 audio through the system or connecting your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop to the system to provide the karaoke songs and connecting these devices via line in or Bluetooth and singing along karaoke style. 
You can also connect a CD or DVD player or similar device via the line input.

The MP4000 gives the the full experience opening you up to all the worlds professional karaoke songs be it on any of the popular formats CD+G, DVD, VCD or MP3+G. 

You can also record your performance when playing either CD+G or MP3+G media back to SD Card or USB Memory Stick recording both the vocal, music and even the on-screen lyrics to a brand new file.

Plus you get Key Control so you can step up and most importantly down the song to make it easier to sing.

Optional: Pull Along Carry Handel and Wheels (mounts on side)

Only from Karaoke Home Entertainment 1300 550 630

The DJ Buster Karaoke System is no-longer available but we suggest you take a look at the portable system.

The Sonken MP4000 Karaoke Machine is still available and can be connected to other Sonken Karaoke Powered Speakers or dedicated Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and Speaker Systems.