Friday, 24 February 2012

You Wanted The Best, The Hottest Band In The World KISS

KISS is the iconic American rock band which formed in New York City in January 1973.

Best known for its members' face paint and flamboyant stage outfits, the group rose to prominence in the mid to late 1970s on the basis of their elaborate live performances, which featured fire breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits and pyrotechnics.

Counting the 1978 solo albums, Kiss has been awarded 28 gold albums to date, the most of any American rock band.

The band has sold more than 40 million albums in the United States and their worldwide sales exceeds 100 million albums.

The 1973–'80 original lineup of  Paul Stanley (vocals and rhythm guitar), Gene Simmons (vocals and bass guitar), Ace Frehley (lead guitar) and Peter Criss (drums) is the most successful.

They are still rocking the world today with concerts, I last saw them in Melbourne at the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park in 2008 for the after race concert which was fantastic and though I love motor racing this was better then the race for me!

A year earlier Paul Stanley was touring on his 2nd solo album "Live To Win" in Australia and that was a great solo performance, and if your a KISS fan grab the album and better yet the Live DVD of the solo tour which is excellent as he performs with the Rock Star: INXS house band and sings classic KISS songs and from both solo albums.

The KISS 3 Disc 40 Song Collection by Sunfly Karaoke is a must have set, all their best songs including several from Paul Stanley's solo albums including Live To Win!

1 2000 Man - Kiss
2 A World Without Heroes - Kiss 
3 Beth - Kiss
4 Black Diamond - Kiss
5 Calling Dr Love - Kiss
6 Christine Sixteen - Kiss
7 Cold Gin - Kiss 
8 Crazy Crazy Nights - Kiss
9 Detroit Rock City - Kiss 
10 Deuce - Kiss
11 Do You Love Me - Kiss
12 Easy It Seems - Kiss
13 Forever - Kiss
14 God Gave Rock N Roll To You - Kiss
15 God Of Thunder - Kiss
16 Going Blind - Kiss
17 Great Expectations - Kiss
18 Hard Luck Woman - Kiss
19 Hide Your Heart - Kiss
20 I Love It Loud - Kiss
21 I Stole Your Love - Kiss
22 I Was Made For Loving You - Kiss
23 King Of The Night Time World - Kiss
24 Let Me Go Rock And Roll - Kiss
25 Lick It Up - Kiss
26 Lift - Paul Stanley
27 Live To Win - Paul Stanley
28 Love Gun - Kiss
29 Magic Touch - Kiss
30 Making Love - Kiss
31 Move On - Paul Stanley
32 Psycho Circus - Kiss
33 Reason To Live - Kiss
34 Rise To It - Kiss
35 Rock And Roll All Nite - Kiss
36 Room Service - Kiss
37 Shandi - Kiss
38 Shout It Out Loud - Kiss
39 Strutter - Kiss
40 Tears Are Falling - Kiss

Available as single discs at $12.99 or get the set at just $29.99, you can even instantly download your favourite songs or the full album in MP3+G Karaoke format.

We can also provide this collection in DVD form if you don't have a CD+G Karaoke Player. You can also play these discs as professional backing tracks on any CD/DVD player if you just want the audio component to play along to.

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If you're a Karaoke Host/DJ then this is a must have collection.