Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Miic Star Wireless Karaoke System Arrives

This the new compact and ultra portable Miic Star Karaoke System, it's featured packed,  compatible with a host of different karaoke formats including MP3+G which is used for downloads.

You can also get many different languages for the Miic Star Karaoke System including Philippines, Chinese, Indonesian, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Korean and Spanish songs.

We even have an amazing English song pack available which features 800 awesome party songs.

You can connect it with either HDMI or RCA (Red / White / Yellow) and it comes with two wireless microphones as standard.
Build your own system with the music you love from the ground up, or you can buy just the Karaoke System and migrate your existing CD+G library once converted to MP3+G or other karaoke songs files you may own.

If you've been looking at Magic Sing Karaoke Systems which we also have you should take a look at this new system. Not only is it cheaper and smaller, it is more feature packed, allowing the playback of many different file formats.

That's especially handy when you want to load songs not readily available from the makers of the product.
Now exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand from
Karaoke Home Entertainment.

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