Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Vietnamese Hard Drive Karaoke System with 17,300 Songs

Now available at Karaoke Home Entertainment is this
Vietnamese Karaoke Hard Drive Machine with 17,300 Songs on a 1.5TB Hard Drive.

You can also select to have 6362 Chinese/Cantonese/Taiwanese Songs included for only $99.99 extra, when you select this option you will receive a larger capacity 2TB Hard Drive system.

We even have a model which is WIFI and Ethernet enabled so you can connect to the internet to use Android services (optional Keyboard and Mouse can be connected) and you can download an Karaoke APP to control the karaoke aspects.

This HDD Karaoke System doesn't have microphone inputs so you will need some where to connect microphones in to so you can sing-along.

We have three options for you either a Professional Karaoke Mixer for your existing Home Theatre System so you can connect Wired or Wireless Microphones and Sing-Along or a Karaoke Powered Speaker which comes with Wireless Microphones.

Or you can purchase a dedicated Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and Speaker Package
with deals starting from $499.99.

Available at KHE.com.au and Karaoke Home Entertainment
 553 Centre Road, Bentleigh Victoria 3204

We Ship Australia Wide.