Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Professional Mixer With Bluetooth for your Home Theatre Amplifier

This is the brand new Sonken KT-1000BT Full Sized Component Mixer for your existing Home Theatre Amplifier.

This allows you to use your existing Amplifier for Karaoke purposes, you can have up to 4 singers at the same time as it has 2 front and 2 rear connection jacks.

Wired or Wireless Microphones can be used with the KT-1000BT unit and you have a host controls at your finger tips to adjustment and mix your voice along with the music for that perfect performance.

Use your DVD Player to play Karaoke DVD's and VCD's or use the Bluetooth connectivity option so you can play songs from other devices like your smart enabled TV, mobile phone or tablet using a karaoke APP or streaming service.

This just one of the ways to use your existing audio gear and adapting it so you can also use it for Karaoke purposes.

Please note we don't recommend using a Sound Bar for karaoke purposes at all, regardless of how expensive the Sound Bar is you will damage the speakers when using microphones.

Likewise if your Home Theatre speakers are satellite speakers then you should also not use them, for the best results 2 Channel Stereo should be selected on the Home Theatre Amplifier using the front mains providing they have both a woofer and tweeter configuration as any sub woofer will be disabled in 2 channel stereo mode.

In these circumstances it would be better to look at a couple of alternatives for karaoke at home, like a Bluetooth / AUX enabled Powered Speaker which comes with 2 Wireless Microphones starting from only $199.99 or a dedicated Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and Speaker Package starting from $499.99 both of these options are dedicated to the task of music and singing and likewise are not designed for Home Theatre movie watching.

Not sure what to get or how to proceed ?

Then get some more information by visiting Karaoke Home Entertainment at 553 Centre Road, Bentleigh Victoria or call 1300 550 630.

We also have a Free Karaoke Buyers Guide which will explain the best way for you to get into karaoke, it features the 4 mistakes people make when buying a system and has 16 essential tips to make sure you get the correct setup for your needs.

There is even a comprehensive summary guide for all the different models so you can make an informed decision.