Monday, 29 August 2011


There is more then one way to get the songs you know and love on Karaoke, yes you can purchase karaoke discs on CD+G (Graphic / Lyrics) and or DVD. The problem is if your looking several songs that you will find these songs spread out across multiple discs which can make the process expensive.

Think about it this way if your in the hunt for 10 unique songs and they are all across 10 discs at $19.99 each that would make the 10 songs worth $199.90, sure your getting more then just 10 songs but if your needing just these 10 songs specifically then it makes it expensive.

If your building a library for hosted karaoke shows then thats a different story as your growing a library, not based on your specific taste of music but that of the clients you are servicing.

Well the solution is not only simple, easy but affordable, its called Pick N Mix and from this service powered by Karaoke Home Entertainment you can make your very own custom karaoke CD+G, DVD or MP3+G disc with just the songs you want in the order you want them.

Right now your can choose from over 29,000 songs {as of 2/4/2014 42,000+} and the library grows weekly, customers have asked one week for song to be told "sorry we don't have that one" and then asked a week or two later to find that its come in. This week alone we are adding over 200 new additions, and thats a very common practice, so check back frequently it might pay off you too!

The library grows in all directions its not just new songs but the oldies too so you cannot predict what comes in next from the studio's of Sunfly Karaoke and SBI Karaoke.

We even have a small library of 100% instrumental versions for those customers who can't even have backing vocals.

You can also purchase from our growing library of Digital Downloads in the MP3+G format, these files will play in new karaoke machines like the Sonken MP-1000, this format is the new digital version of CD+G and the main benefit is that you can store thousands of songs on a USB memory stick or SD Card and run your library from a menu driven system saving you the trouble of changing discs. For example a 4GB USB will hold around 800 songs where as a CD+G can generally hold 15 songs on average.

So with Pick N Mix you can choose what songs you want, select the running order, have your name printed on the disc in the format of your choice CD+G, DVD or MP3+G and for 5 or more songs pay just $5 per track, so those 10 songs you wanted now will cost you $50.00 instead of $199.90 for the ten discs which originally contained the songs you wanted.

100% street legal and royalty paid including APRA/AMCOS (publishing/artist and composer) dues. Use your custom disc at the Karaoke nights and sing the songs you know and love, learn the songs at home as a CD+G disc (the most common format) will play in any CD or DVD player as a normal audio CD. But if you have specialist Karaoke Machine which is CD+G compatible then you will see the on-screen lyrics too. has a machine from just $129.99 or a professional machine which runs MP3+G and lets your record your vocal performance from just $219.99.

But if your looking for just a single track we can also produce that on a custom CD+G from as little as $7 plus postage.

You can order the discs online 24/7 or call 1300 550 630 and our staff will help you get your disc together for you or if you prefer visit a store and do it in store.

All discs are produced in Melbourne head office store so please allow time for postage to your specific location, express post is also available.

Want to know more about Pick N Mix just ask and we will be happy to help you.