Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Johnny Reid On SBI Karaoke All Stars


John (Johnny) Kirkland Reid (born August 21, 1974 in Lanark, Scotland UK) is a chart topping Canadian County music artist with several hit singles.
SBI Karaoke and KHE Direct are proud to present for the very first time Johnny Reid on Karaoke.

Six hit songs in the style of Johnny Reid and we have two discs available; the standard karaoke edition and a full Multiplex version so you can learn the song with a guide lead vocalist. Use your L/R button on your Karaoke Machine to switch on and off the lead vocal.

Now Available on CD+G, DVD and MP3+G Karaoke Disc, from
Karaoke Home Entertainment Melbourne and Perth Stores.

Also available from our New Zealand web store www.khe.co.nz
 and our international web store www.homeofkaraoke.com


1 Dance With Me

2 A Woman Like You

3 Thank You

4 Out Of The Blue

5 Today I’m Gonna Try To Change The World

6 Kicking Stones


1 Dance With Me

2 A Woman Like You

3 Thank You

4 Out Of The Blue

5 Today I’m Gonna Try To Change The World

6 Kicking Stones

You can also do a Full Album Download in MP3+G format.

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