Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Magic Sing Karaoke Song Chips Out Now

Great news for our Magic Sing customers, have you taken a look at our range of song chips lately?

Because a lot of changes have taken place, just look at all the new song chips now available.

Listed below are just the new additions, visit our web site to view songs contained on the each new chip, all online song catalogues have been updated.

Want to download karaoke songs for Magic Sing and choose from over 95,000 songs then take a look at 

English Song Chips Range

Popular Songs Volume 18
Popular Songs Volume 21
Popular Songs Volume 22
Popular Songs Volume 23
Popular Songs Volume 24
Popular Songs Volume 25

Love Songs
UK Radio Hits Volume 1
Xtreme Hits Volume 1
Xtreme Hits Volume 2
Xtreme Hits Volume 3 (Released 10/10/2013)
Xtreme Hits Volume 4 (Released 19/9/2014)
NPop Volume 1 (Released 10/10/2013)
NPop Volume 2 (Released 10/10/2013)
NPop Volume 3 (Released 10/10/2013)

Christian Church Hymns 
Christian Contemporary
Christian Traditional
Christian Worship

Foreign Song Chips Range

Arabic T
Arabic Volume 2
Arabic Volume 3
Arabic Volume 4
Arabic Volume 5 
Arabic Volume 6

Brazilian Volume 1
Brazilian Volume 2

Chamorro (Gaum)

Dutch / Netherlands Volume 1  
Dutch / Netherlands Volume 2
Dutch / Netherlands Volume 3
Dutch / Netherlands Volume 4

Filipino / Star
Filipino / Tagalog Volume 10
Filipino / Tagalog Volume 11
Filipino / Tagalog Volume 12 (Released 10/10/2013)
Filipino / Tagalog Volume 13 (Released 19/9/2014)

French Volume 3
French Volume 4

Hawaiian Volume 1
Hawaiian Volume 2
Hawaiian Volume 3
Hawaiian Volume 4
Hawaiian Volume 5

Hindi Volume 5

Indonesian Volume 2 (Released 10/10/2013)

Italian #2 Volume 2
Italian Volume 2 

Korean T    

Latin Volume 1
Latin Volume 2
Latin Volume 3
Latin Volume 4
Latin Volume 5
Latin Volume 6
Latin Volume 7




Spanish Dos
Spanish Tres
Spanish Uno



We also now have available three variations of the very popular
 ET-19K Dual Wireless Edition..

All English Songs Edition
Philippines Edition (English / Filipino Songs)

Hindi Edition (Hindi / Punjabi / Marathi / English)

All now available from Karaoke Home Entertainment

Check out website for all the very latest models like the 
Max Karaoke and Miic Star and MP4000.