Monday, 12 August 2013

Android Karaoke Touch MP3+G Playback Software

It's arrived The Android Karaoke Touch MP3+G Playback Software for your tablet or smart phone Android compatible device.
Two versions "Basic" and "Pro"of this easy to use software which lets you enjoy
your Karaoke with just one touch.

Ideal if your looking for a Touch Screen Karaoke Solution, use your Android compatible tablet and output via HDMI to a larger screen and connect via Bluetooth to stream the audio ideal with either 
Powered by MP3+G Karaoke Song Files you can search by artist or song title with fuzzy logic so each letter entered in narrows your list and when you find what your looking for just "touch it" and the song plays instantly.
 Reserving songs with one touch is so simple, with the split screen feature you can choose songs to add to them to the cue in real time whilst the others are singing. Choose the wrong song or want to remove a song from the reserved list is easy touch it for 2 seconds will remove it from the cue.

Compile a favorites list so fast and easily just touch the "heart" icon during playback of a song and the song will also appear in your "favorite's" menu.

You can also tag a song which is Multiplex and switch on/off the lead vocals on Multiplex tracks with one touch.
Easy to use and easy to playback your Karaoke MP3+G songs.

 Designed by Tim van Andel in Australia
exclusively for Karaoke Home Entertainment.