Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Pro Karaoke System in a Microphone

Post Update: 12/3/2018 - This system has been superseded by The MS-62 Digital Karaoke System from Miic Star with 2 Wireless Microphones and plays not online MP3+G Karaoke Songs but MP4, AVI files and has a host of new features. See www.miicstar.com.au 


It's the very latest design, "The Magic Mic Pro" the Karaoke Microphone System that runs MP3+G Karaoke songs, complete with music and on-screen lyrics.

This cleaver little unit is a great portable system, just plug in to any TV with the standard RCA (RED/WHITE/YELLOW) and your off and singing in minutes.

Your songs get stored on a SD Card which plugs into the side of the microphone, you can even have a 2nd wired or wireless microphone for singing duets.

Expand your choice of music with well over 80,000 songs to download at www.karaokemp3g.com.au

Your CD+G discs can also be converted to MP3+G and played on this device.

Now available from KHE.com.au and KHE.co.nz, want to learn which karaoke system is best for your personal needs?

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