Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Hindi Songs on the Miic Star Karaoke System

This is the Hindi Edition Miic Star Karaoke System complete with 1299 Hindi Karaoke Songs and is available with the optional 800 HD Vocal On/Off English Songs from Abraxa Karaoke. 

We have over 65,000 HD English Songs with new songs arriving weekly for this system at www.karaokemp4.com.au so you can continually grow your song library.

Connect the Miic Star via the standard AV connection or HDMI or both for the best results using just the HDMI for the Video Picture running the audio direct to your Amplifier via the Stereo connection, you also receive 2 Wireless Microphones so your ready to sing instantly.

Add your own songs to the system as it supports all these different video formats.

MP3+G / MKV / MP4 / AVI / MPG / WMV / MOV/ FLV / RM / VOB

Yes, you can even add videos from You Tube to SD Card Download Folder and play them back.

You can even add your own personal background videos with the karaoke Hindi lyrics playing over the top.

We also have the following pre-packaged solutions readily available, that said they are all the same unit the MS-62 Miic Star packaged with different songs included or in the case of the Custom Edition, no songs included. 

We still have many other languages available for this system which you can add-on as well to custom build your own unit. You can also get multiple languages together as we have created many a system for customers which feature 2, 3, or 4 different languages all on the same SD Card.

Visit www.miicstar.com.au 
for the different options available for the MS-62 Karaoke System and remember we have more songs available in MP3+G or MP4 at www.picknmix.com.au 
Custom Edition

Just the Miic Star System without any songs so you can populate
 the SD Card with just the songs you want to sing.

English Edition

800 Vocal On/Off Songs an amazing party mix covering every genre and music taste.

Chinese Edition

2942 Vocal On/Off Songs, with the optional 800 Song English (Vocal On/Off) Pack.

Indonesian Edition
4666 Songs
, with the optional 800 Song English (Vocal On/Off) Pack.

Philippines / Tagalog Edition

4378 Songs, with the optional 800 Song English (Vocal On/Off) Pack.

Vietnamese Edition
3610 Songs, with the optional 800 Song English (Vocal On/Off) Pack.

Optional ready to go English Song Packs

Hits of the 00's - 120 Songs
Hits of the 60's/70's - 100 Songs
Hits of the 80's - 100 Songs
Classic Hits of the 30's/40's & 50's - 100 Songs

Exclusive to Karaoke Home Entertainment in Australia  
order online or call 1300 550 630