Monday, 4 February 2013

Magic Sing Karaoke Song Downloads

The very latest model released by Magic Sing is the
ET-23KH Karaoke System.

It's has two unique features;

1) It has a HDMI (Audio and Video Connection) + the HDMI cable is included.

2) It has MP3+G Playback Technology inbuilt, for Digital Song Download!

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This last feature is by far the best feature they have ever added because for the first time you are not locked in to just the song library that Magic Sing has on offer, which is relatively small in terms of Karaoke.

At best the Magic Song Library would have 8,000 English available which is limiting when you look at the worlds biggest Karaoke format CD+G with over 70,000 songs available and new additions being added weekly to the library.

CD+G is a disc based format and even though the Magic Sing ET-23KH doesn't have CD tray to play them the good news is you can still use a CD+G disc with the new ET-23KH

A CD+G disc can be converted for free (see and quickly into a digital version of CD+G called MP3+G.

These compressed song files enable you to play the MP3+G songs on the ET-23KH machine from a USB Memory Stick which you plug into the front of the unit.

You can also download MP3+G songs from web sites where you will find over 95,000 songs and growing every month.

This means you now can have the best of both worlds, everything Magic Sing has to offer, and they do foreign language songs very well and have a vast selection of Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, French, Thai, German, Russian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese with many other languages to choose from.

And now with MP3+G playback technology on-board you can pretty much get any English song you want new or old and play it on your new ET-23KH Magic Sing System.

Whether you choose to Download MP3+G Songs or purchase CD+G discs and convert them on your PC into MP3+G songs or purchase Magic Sing Song Chips your song choice is now limit less with the ET-23KH, get ready to start singing the night away!


  1. Hi,
    Is there any russian songs (album) for et23kh available for download?
    I can't find it anywere...

    1. Sorry Viktor only English / Spanish songs at this time we have for download. Tim

  2. is it compatible with the ET18K model

  3. Sorry only the 23K model has this download feature, we also have a new model which just does downloads from another company

  4. Hi
    Thanks for sharing blog is very helpful for Karaoke Song Lover

  5. Thanks for this information! I want to buy Magic sing this month!