Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Sonken GXL Series 4 Max Karaoke Portable System


This is the "Limited Edition GXL Series 4" Max Karaoke Portable System.

This model has 3 unique features over that of the
Max Karaoke Series 3 Model.

Series 4 brings back the option for the MPX Vocal on/off feature which is available on our Professional Karaoke MP4 Karaoke tracks.

This gives you the ability to learn the song then go it alone solo or should I say "Karaoke" Style.

It's also great to have the cover vocalist singer option when someone is not confident to sing alone.

You also get with the Series 4 model the ability to output the video picture via HDMI to a 2nd larger screen is also a bonus with the GXL Series, especially if your entertaining a larger audience.

Plus you also get the ability to Record your voice with this model from the Wireless Microphones to USB Memory Stick, perfect for recording speeches.

Whilst stocks last and only from Karaoke Home Entertainment (Australia)
Call 1300 550 630

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