Thursday, 5 May 2022

Max Karaoke (Series 3) WIFI + 15" TOUCHSCREEN FIRMWARE UPDATE (May 2022)



A firmware update has been released for the Sonken Max Karaoke System Series 3 Model (Touch Screen with WIFI connection).

The problem only presents when the system is used on WIFI to stream content i.e. for YouTube.

Customers using the system to playing Karaoke MP4 songs via USB Memory Stick have not experienced the issue, it's only once the system is connect to a WIFI that the issue arises.

The system has performed a upgrade (in the background) of internal software which causes the entire to continually reset the Max Karaoke system when using this YouTube playback feature via WIFI.

As advertised, the Google Play Store is not compatible on this system in Australia and this has updated the internal software, it also occurs when the user is prompted and accepts the update to occur.

You can purchase the firmware upgrade which be posted to you on a specially formatted Micro-SD Card. 

Please Note: All systems from May 2022 have had this update already installed for your convenience.

Do not ever accept any prompts once installed/updated (Say NO) to update "Google Play Store" else you will need to do a Factory Reset thereafter following the prompts in the PDF Firmware Guide from points 10 to 20 to complete the reset process.

We are also happy to perform the firmware upgrade for free at our Dandenong South (Victoria) Warehouse / Showroom (call 1300 550 630 to make an appointment).

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