Monday, 29 December 2014

Wireless Microphones Changes on January 1st 2015 are you ready...

In an long lasting gift to us all the former Labor Government sold off more of our publicly held airwaves to raise you guessed it for more money, the band width has been sold to mobile network operators and we all have to pay for this new policy commencing 1st January 2015 buy upgrading non complaint devices.

Yes you can sing in the new year with your existing wireless microphones but come 12.01am on the first of January 2015 they become illegal as a result of the changes.

Not all wireless microphones frequencies are affected by the change, only wireless microphones which fall between (694 - 820 MHz) are no longer able to be used as a result of this new law.

Your device may be multi-frequency changeable so check your wireless device, if the device is on a fixed frequency in this range then your out of luck.
There are penalties if you get caught using them so be forewarned.
At KHE we sell the Sonken (Australia) range of wireless microphones and if you own the Sonken 500R, 550R or 600R your all good as these frequencies are not effected at all.

Older models of the
1000R, 1500R, 2000R and Ezy Microphones operated in this frequency range so these will need to be retired, they have since been upgraded to comply with the changes so check the frequencies as you might already have the latest models.

All models sold on comply with the changes.

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